Moka Bros XidanInternational / Western / Originality / Salad / Sandwich / Juice
5.0 · 5 · 70-80 minutes

Chef Daniel and Alex are friends (first & foremost) & founders of MOKA Bro’s. In 2008, they opened their first restaurant: Mosto, followed by their first MOKA Bro’s in 2013, and then La Social, Beijing’s first arepas bar, in 2016. At MOKA Bro’s, the boys return to the roots of simple, everyday wholesome food. “Leading a healthier lifestyle means something different to everyone. We believe in variety and balance. To us it’s about using the best fresh produce that we can get our hands on, and preparing it with health in mind”, says Daniel. MOKA Bros’ concept is rooted in the native Venezuela.

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