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Brotzeit Bier Bar GuomaoInternational / German / Sausage / Salad / Beer
0.0 · 1 · 60-70 minutes

"Brot" is German and has the meaning of "bread", while "Zeit" means "time", BROTZEIT®, intends to bring a delicious slow time to the guests while they enjoy typical German food. Different to a French restaurant, the German beer house has always a great relaxed and casual atmosphere. Whether you are in Brotzeit® Grand Summit or the 2nd location Brotzeit® China World Shopping Mall – when you enter the entrance of Brotzeit®, it’s not easy to ignore the temptation of the refreshing fragrance of malt, mixed hops, the flavor of roasted pork knuckles or grilled mixed sausages. The taste of the stew

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