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小 SUSU Guo MaoInternational / Vietnamese / Pho
4.5 · 0 · 60-70 minutes

小Susu is a sleek new spinoff on Susu, the beloved courtyard Vietnamese restaurant tucked away in the Old Beijing neighborhood of Qianliang Hutong. Our native Vietnamese chefs serve up an array of rustic yet creative renditions of Vietnamese claypot dishes, salads, spring rolls, pho, banh mi and seasonal specials. Longstanding favorites include our Cha Ca La Vong, Good Neighbor's Peppery Pork, Salmon Rolls, and No. 10 Chicken Leg, plus cocktails like our Saigon Fizz. Our new space is as rooted in our distinctive style as our menu, as the cozy, uplifting ambience of our courtyard is reimagined i

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